J. B. , Sunnyvale, CA
I have used Powell Express for the last 10 years:
They pick up and deliver high end furniture for me.
These guys break there backs to do a great job.
They are responsible, dependable, well priced and respectful. If they run late I get a courtesy call, if they run early I get a courtesy call-they are trustworthy and honest too.
I will continue to use them for my delivery needs.
Thank you Roger! and for the record: ANYONE that says “Roger doesn’t break a sweat” is LYING!

Angie’s List Roger was very responsive, professional and friendly. He answered my variety of questions that came up throughout the weeks leading up to my move and quickly. He even accepted to do this on a Sunday almost last minute which saved me so much trouble. I would absolutely recommend him and his company and use them again when I can.

Porch Local Business Thanks to Roger and the company, we were able to get the best consultation, planning, preparations, and the actual moving. His kindness includes providing starting -off materials which we were happy about. He and his team performed excellent move on such a heavy loading move. they made great and peaceful move for us, which were truly appreciated.

Kim H.Very professional!!! They came to our rescue when a previous mover that we had hired was five hours late and didn’t have the right equipment. Roger showed up wrapped the furniture beautifully, set it all back up and not a scratch on anything. These are the best movers I’ve ever used.

Tom C. Excellent moving experience – thanks!
Communications – A+
Professionalism – A+
Promptness – A+
Care of our stuff – A+
Care of corners, floors – A+
These guys are very good at what they do. They care and it shows!
Roger and Justin had all the right equipment and supplies, used it all appropriately, worked hard and quickly without rushing. There were no surprise charges or issues at all.
Thanks guys!